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Timothy  Mirly
Position: School Principal

Matthew  Palisch
Position: Music Director

Marilyn  Lowes
Position: School secretary

Kim  Hemmann
Position: Assistant Secretary/Aide

Marilyn  Hoffstetter
Position: Kindergarten teacher

Lisa  White
Position: Kindergarten teacher

Karen  Cunningham
Position: 1st grade teacher

Jennifer  Spieler
Position: 3rd Grade Teacher

Diedre  Hartmann
Position: 6th grade teacher

Michelle  Lichtenegger
Position: 1st Grade teacher

Orville  Perr Jr.
Position: 3rd grade teacher

Tammy  Mueller
Position: 4th grade teacher

Joseph  Graefe
Position: 4th grade teacher, Aftercare Director

Leah  Shaw
Position: 5th grade teacher

Andrew  Spieler
Position: P.E. K-8

Leslie  Leimbach
Position: 6th, 7th & 8th grade teacher, Science

Martha  Floyd
Position: 7th & 8th grade teacher, Grammar & Literature

Dennis  Hartmann
Position: 7th & 8th grade teacher, Math

Jennifer  Schneider
Position: 6th, 7th & 8th grade math teacher and Technology K-8

Janice  Burk
Position: Reading resource teacher

Shelly  Street
Position: Teachers' Aide

Ella  Collier
Position: Cafeteria

Janice  Obermann
Position: Cafeteria

Jerry  Maevers
Position: Custodian

Susan  Friese
Position: custodian

Michelle  Simpson
Position: 2nd grade teacher

Christina  Kester
Position: Extended Care/ Teachers Aide

Melissa  Baer
Position: Cafeteria Records

Aaron  Wunderlich
Position: Custodian

Deanna  Leible
Position: 6th Grade Teacher

Jill  Dehne
Position: 2nd Grade Teacher

Lauren  Hotop
Position: Cafeteria

Bob  Steck
Position: Cafeteria

Tom  Balogh
Position: Head Custodian

Cindy  Jensen
Position: Preschool/Extended Care Director/After Care Director

Adele  Esselman
Position: Preschool Teacher